Operation Greensloth

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Operation Greensloth is a interconnected roleplay. The main participants are Curiaistan, Carops and Random Textbox_Inputs. Prez, Forthampton and Askar Akayev also have roles in at least one of the RPs

Orignally happening over three RP threads: Trouble in RTI [1], Carops Oil in Crisis [2] and Accident on Battle Group 1 [3], and has lead to far ranging consequences between two of the oldest allies in Liberalia, Carops and Curiaistan

What is known is that it has led to uproar in two parliaments, a number of assassinations, a bugging scandal, sabotage of a missile. Miria Serenoda revealed information about it leading to an attempt by Curia Intel to kidnap her and a declaration of Cold War.

Clues spread throughout the RP suggest that RTI is the main instigator and others are just pawns in the game.

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